The world’s leading remote monitoring and management brand has grown. SolarWinds MSP N-central offers you the technology you need to efficiently run and scale your IT services business.

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Choose an On-Premises or Hosted Solution

MSP N-central offers the best of both worlds: the security and control of an on-premises product or the simplicity and convenience of hosted software. Either way, enjoy integration with a range of PSA products, management of any device on your clients’ networks, and patch management that covers 30+ products including Java and Adobe.


Scale Efficiently

Control more endpoints, more easily. MSP N-central features comprehensive automated onboarding to discover and set up new customer devices quickly. Forget scripting—our easy drag-and-drop interface saves time. And agent deployment for Windows and Mac doesn’t require manual installation, so you can take control of devices from anywhere in the world—which means more business for you.


Custom PSA Integration

  • APIs are available to integrate your third party or in-house ticketing solution.

Patch Management Dashboard

  • The patch homepage brings all of your patch management elements together in a single, easy-to-navigate screen.

Mac Scripting

  • Automation has arrived for your managed Mac devices by means of either BASH or AppleScript, directly through your MSP N-central Mac agents.

Downtime in Maintenance Windows

  • The power and flexibility of Maintenance Windows has been added to device downtime - tell the system when to run maintenance so you don’t get bugged by downtime notifications.
Monitoring Enhancements
  • Get a deeper monitoring experience for Exchange, Oracle, and Active Directory.

Two-step Verification

  • MSP N-central’s airtight security is further enhanced with solutions such as Google Authenticator®.