MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery completes 50,000,000 backups per year

5 Minutes & you're back
Fast, Simple and Predictable

Downtime can be lethal to a business - don't put your network at risk. 

Get back up and running in 5 minutes with MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery to ensure business continuity.

As an IT pro, data is your priority.  Lose it and your business can go under - and there are no second chances.

MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery ensures business continuity and quick recover of data, while protecting against everything from acts of nature to insider mistakes and malicious activity.

Ensure business continuity with a solution that includes:

  • Lightning quick recovery: Get back up and running in less than 10 minutes
  • Secure data storage: Including 448-bit Blowfish military-grade encryption & ISO-certified global data centres 
  • Bare metal recovery: Recover servers, including files, software, and operating systems, in just one simple step  
  • Reduced backup windows: by 80% due to storing daily changes only

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